In the learning environment, you’ll see the courses you’ve enrolled. When you click on these courses, the Tools menu is listed on the left. Your course home page contains the components of the overview, lecture, lesson content, quizzes and tests, announcements and branch of your course.

Different menus are also available, such as a Calendar that you can view and a Forum where you can discuss a topic. These tools are determined by your trainer according to the structure of your course, the type of interaction, the language and the way you work.

Click on the Overview tab to get general information about the lesson from the course information screen and see the latest announcements.

When you click on the Syllabus tab you can see the course information, activities, evaluation, legal notice, and copyrights, and support, etc.

Click on Lessons to read about the course, follow-up activities and so on. You can perform the activities you need to do.

All announcements about the course are published in the Announcements section. When an announcement is made about the course, the announcement is displayed in the upper right corner. When you click on the relevant sign, you can go to your announcement and you can also reach the announcement in the Announcements section.

When your midterm and/or final exam is conducted online, you can take the exam in the son Quiz and Tests section. If you do not have an active exam your screen will be as follows.

The Assignments tool allows instructors to create, distribute, collect, and grade online assignments.

If your course is divided into sections, the left toolbar will have a Section Info tab. You must click the Section Info tab to learn your section. In which branch you are in the right column you will find the phrase ‘you are in this section’.